Monday, September 24, 2007


yes of course i am happy. i am happy because i received flowers from roy. go on with my life is what i thought of. letting someone go in another matter is what i think of now. who cares. i am the author of my life. that's what i've got to say! heehee. if i was the person before. fuck off. i will do more things. but, mature is calling me. i guess i am who i am now. at least i know how to think? heehee. its not a very sad incident that what happened with me and kelvin. that is my personal life. i guess everyone have their past. that's why i remain silent on that issue. i will never forget what happened with me and kelvin and the people who helped me. but in the other hand, i wont forget people who mistreated me as well. i am born mean. i am materialistic. so what. people around me all know that. and i am trying hard to be less materialistic. we all learn our mistake. so do i. is the matter of growing out of the teenage years and entering the adult years..

signing off..

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