Tuesday, September 18, 2007


ok. i saw something that got on my nerve. to people that know me, i can tolerate on anyone or anything that people say. but not my family members. fuck man. i shouldn't be emotional and getting mad at this hour when i have a research paper due tomorrow to rush. wth?! i am your bloody cousin. by calling me names will make you happier? or richer. i dont know. the innocence on your face will ruin your life. trust me. i treated you like a sister. for all this years, i tried to be there when ur down or watsoever. is this how u repay me? fuckumotherfuckercheebye. wasted my effort worrying if u are cheated by guys, wasted my effort of protecting you. wasted my effort on you itself. gi on go fly. there is a whole lot of sky for you to explore. dont come crying when you make mistake. i wont be the stupid person doing shit and getting you to the right part of life cause i ruin my life. so what if i am like that. i am still me. my personality is still there. and because of that, i've decided to live on and stop helping people with two faces. there is whole lot of people that appreciated me as i am.. that is called true friends or family or whatsoever.

*sorry for the emo post. guys. i am exploding. i will be back to normal after this


Bryan said...

oh hey deedee.. wow was quite surprising seeing u getting so frust. i seldom drop comment for ppl. but this time,jus out of my curiousity, how would u get to know bout this? hmm.. jus by lookin your pic,u look so sweet n pretty.. maybe sexy or pretty?? hehe.. sorry,jus tryin to cheer u up.=) oh well, don put it in your heart. think bout it, wat had u done to him/her before?or mayb he/she called u with purpose? i experience that before, but oh yeah, i treat it as a fun name. no worries. think positively.=)

deedee said...

yeah.. i was quite surprise that i was so frust yday. i dont know? i feel very like unappreciated. but who cares. life goes on. i guess?