Monday, September 17, 2007

grandpa's birthday

in neway with sayaka
its out...
back view

busy and extraordinary weekend. i've been waking up early for the past 5 days. getting less than 4 hours of sleep everyday really made me feel like floating. rushing on the design theory, building construction, technical english and the ibs fitting room. wtf? its almost all the subject! my eyebag is getting darker and darker as days goes by. oh my oh my. and luckily, i'm back to grandpa's house which have no internet connection at all!! that means, i can have a break. thank god.. its like his 90th bithday and granny's 80th birthday. i slept at almost 4 and woke up at 1.30. felt so satisfy after that. hehe. went to secret recipe after that with steven and jerry for lunch. and did some sketching. after lunch? pool time!!! we-jerry and steven, jump into the pool and started swimming. ok to clarify, its not much swimming, its more to playing and splashing water. he he. after that, it was photo takig sesion. then dinner. dinner was slow. but it made me darn full. 1st dish birthday mee, 2nd, buddha jump over the wall, 3rd, cold dish 4th, fish 5th prawn 6th mushroom with fish maw and bamboo shoots, 7th chicken skin with dont know what. and i forgot the last dish.. then swimming after dinner. hehe. to make me less guilty.

family potrait
we are all looking at the cakeswith yeong tian
with steven*what is with my smile?!
with jerry*the same signature smile..

my dad cousin's wedding.. its tremendously nice. its not the typical chinese dinner. its a western fine dining. we had pumpkin soup and some salmon thing from Germany, then we had a tenderlion steak for out main course and tiramisu and vanila ice craem toped with strawberry syrup. plus free flow of wines and beers.. the only thing went wrong that night, is my outfit. i wore so casually that everyone laid their eyes on me. i m so addicted to white wine!!!

@ home
the ice cravingthe table setting
the apetiser

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