Saturday, September 15, 2007

stress stress stress

its not so nice to start of with stress stress stress... but i m really stress. i feel like a robot now. sleeping less than 4 hours for the past few days really is getting on my nerves... design theory is driving me kuku and technical english first draft is on wednesday. all my sleepless night is getting me crazy. its 12 in the afternoon and i am yawning like crazy.. i miss my bed so much. miss those times that we are sleeping together... haha. lacking of sleep makes me go kuku.. and when i go kuku, i will start crapping... went to KLPAC that day because the visit was later. at 8.45 am while the istana seri menanti is at 7.45. i need my beauty sleep so much. no pictures at this moment. i look like shit. eye bag is so deep... suddenly, i regretted taking this course. hehe. but the best thing about this course is, it made me feel damn good after handing in the assignment.

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