Thursday, September 13, 2007

istana seri menanti or kl performing arts center?

i felt like a jacoon when i hear the two names above. when i ask james, he was like are you a malaysian? how can you not know these places? ha ha. stone kao kao. after i google it, i found out that istana seri menanti is in negeri sembilan and klPAC is in kl obviously...

istana seri menanti

we are supposed to do visit there tomorrow... one thuing i cant do is split myself into to the above places.. i m still thinking to go to KLPAC or istana seri menanti. because i've never been to both places, i want to go all of them... as a malaysian, i am naturally kiasu... so i cant deicide... any suggestion?


Jason TAN said...

klpac looks cool

deedee said...

ya... which one nicer?

Jason TAN said...


deedee said...

went to that place
will blog bout it later
stupid slr photo quality too good. take dam long to finish downloading