Wednesday, September 12, 2007

fitness first

as a loyal member of fitness first, i think one should join fitness first as a member.
why choose fitness first? because it is international and the service they provide is better. it have 11 branch in malaysia and 500 worldwide. that make the club more reliable. besides all the above, the personal trainers are all well built and not forgetting chunted.. working out alone is less fun than working out in a group. that's why group x classes are created. classes from les mills, for example body jam, rpm, are my favorites. it make me sweat like crazy. a rpm class can easily burn up to 900 calories per session depending on one's body.

i personally dont like exercising because i will waste much of my time doing exercise rather than going out shopping or spending time with friends or family. but after i got myself a personal trainer,
*tsk tsk* ian yeow i felt that things have changed and i want to make more difference. besides, i only have one body. the health of my body is very important. there are many benefits of exercising, you can make a difference.

as fitness first quoted, motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.

ok ok i think its enough.,.. i feel like a fitness first promoter for once... teeheehee.

and finally i'm done with the analytical studies for the fitting room. finallly... thanks val!!! thanks... if not i am going to finish at 5.. then turn up school with dark dark eye bags. heehee


Jason TAN said...

12 outlets lar
but FF dun ahve towel

deedee said...

ok lor.. 12 lor... bring yourself la... use public towel very unhygenic ler...

Jason TAN said...

ok 1 lar, like hotel towel. i go almost everyday. pengsan cuci towel

deedee said...

i also go everyday wat..... just throw to maid oso so hard... haih... children nowadays... haha

Jason TAN said...

i m the maid

deedee said...

hehe. no comments