Saturday, August 18, 2007

appreciate your mom

quoted from that book. it really made me cry.. it is a really meaningful book to read.

poem for mama
when i was 3,
i wanted you to hug me,
i felt safe,secure and loved in your embrace.

when i was 13,
you wanted to hug me.
i pushed you away,
saying you have a bad smell,
and i was too old to be hugged.

when i was 6,
i held your hand, you led me to the park and showed me the way.

when i was 16,
i felt irritated when you wanted to hold my hand,
i was old enough to know my way,
i wanted to walk the path myself,
i didn't need your advice anymore.

when i was 10,
i was so proud of the clothes you sewed for me,
i was the beautiful princess with the glittering clothes,
i had a mother who can sew and my peers do not.

when i was 30,
the clothes you sewed were too old fashioned,
i felt embarrassed if my friends knew i wore the clothes you sewed,
i ordered you not to sew clothes for me anymore,
i will get the branded ones from the boutique.

when i came to 35,
i came to a realisation,
what you do as a mother has not changed,
how come my reactions have changed?

when i was young,
your words were wise,
i saw you as a great being,
protecting me, nurturing me, caring for me,
whatever you did, you did for me,
i was your precious little daughter.

when i grew older,
i became arrogant,
i am educated, i know more than you,
i am more powerful now,
i don't need you anymore,
i take care of myself,
i can give myself better advise than you.

i felt so important,
i wanted to control my own life,
i didn't want you to stand in my way,
i pushed you aside,
i didn't see tears rolling down your cheek.

i forgot the love that you poured on me,
when i was young,
i forgot the sleepless nights that you had when i was sick,
i forgot the worries you carried when i was sitting for my exam,
i forgot that you kept the best food for me,
i forgot that you breastfeed me when i was an infant,
i forgot that you washed my clothes,
i forgot that you cleaned my shoes,
i forgot that you cooked for me,
i forgot your care,
i forgot your protection,
i forgot that you cried for me when i was down.

dear mama,
i am sorry that i have forgotten the many things that you've done for me,
i am sorry that i was not there when you needed me the most,
i am sorry that i closed my ears when you needed someone to talk to,
i am sorry for the many things i have not done.

dear mama, please forgive me.
i love you,ever since i was young,
i love you for all the things that you have done,
i love you for your care,
and on top of all the reasons to love you,
i love you for no reason.
you are my mama.

i cried after reading that whole thing. i admit that i dont really read. but this is worth reading. i realised that i've done too much to make her upset. maybe a hug everyday will make her day!

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