Wednesday, August 15, 2007

our very first date

i know its kind of funny having this relationship and stuff. but trust me, I've already got over him. being single is not a bad thing, at least it gives me time to love myself. i mean, how to love someone when i dont love myself? quoted from someone. at first, i was this girl emotional girl that wants everything my way. and mummy got me everything i want. as a teenager, i got more than anybody else. i didnt appreciate and neglected her. after this incident, i got to know how much she meant to me and how important i am to her. no one can give me this love, its unconditional love. i love her a lot. i really do. i am changing to a better person. at least to a grown up. i hope so...

back to the story... a few peps have been asking me how i got together with him. we met each other in zth. his first message for me is Hi,
This is just a friendly msg.. :regular_smile: just wanna be fren..
do u have msn?? i replied. and there goes. at the same time this guy s* was going after me. i thought that i wont be serious in both relationship. so i accepted both of them. for those who know me well, i think u understand why. he spend the whole night chatting and writting me testimonials. and i am god damn bloody touched by his action. he slept for two hours chatting with me the rest of the time. and he introduced me to his best pal, R*. so we went out the next day. he drove his car right outside my house. waited for me. at first i thought it was just a fairytale. we didnt talk much at first. but when he hold my hand, i felt the strong connection between both of us.. we went rounding the area and i was darn bored. i suggested to join the other members for TT, aka yam cha session. we sat at another table as the table is full. saw S*. his face shows jealousy. and we made a move and went rounding again... in the car. i got a few message from S*. and he messaged both of us. i felt very secure with him. we parked our car, talking and replying S* messages. hehe. we had our very first kiss there. just a normal kiss. but i m darn happy. then he sent me home. he keep messaging me and he join them for morac after that. he asked me permission to go and was messaging me all trough the night. and there goes our first date..

its been so long ago... but it had turned into memories... sweet memories.. i do appreciate all the stuff u did for me. but its time for me to fix my life back. time to appreciate my parents and not neglecting them. every relationship has a lesson to learn. i learnt my lesson.and i wont make the same mistake again. i dont blame u for anything cause i do beleive in fate and karma...

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