Saturday, July 21, 2007


we did not contact each other for so long already. but why? this morning, when i woke up, thoughts of him keep running through my mind, and all those sweet moments together keep coming out. does he have this feeling also? i thought I've let him go, but have i? i can't answer tis question. do he have the same feeling? remembered once he is sick, i went down, bought him mcd porridge, fed him slowly, and out him to sleep. also, one week b4 our 5th anniversary, he picked me from college and had lunch together in subang parade. i bought him a card before our 5th anniversary. i also bought a note book. when i wrote the contents in the card, he scribble some words on my note book. i would never forget, although its just a few lines, it really meant a lot to me. a week later, i made a card for our 5th anniversary. that is just part of our sweet moments. does this show that i have not let him go? i did not delete any photos of us. and i wont. it mean a lot to me as each and every photo have a certain meaning and occasion. although we have gone through just 8 months, i am happy. and if you are reading this post, happy 8th anniversary.

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