Monday, July 16, 2007

peng's house

it is finally done!!! finally... the swimming pool is darn nice... its actually Nicole and auntie mee hwa's birthday. the minute we reach there i went like waaa... so nice. then ate my dinner and appreciate the house. sad to say, but my camera is not with me, i only took a few pictures from my phone. then jump into the pool for swimming and didn't realize that the time is 11. the minute i go into the water i went like "yer... salty wan..." yeah... indeed, its not dirty water, but it is salt water. i don't know why uncle hun peng put salt water but it have the beach feel. hehe. i was left outside as the others are bathing... enjoying the jacuzzi and the water under the moonlight. it definitely is a nice place to relax. the breeze of the freshes air and the soothing water beating on your body... hehe that is not an advertisement. but it is seriously nice having your own pool. at least, we don't have to share with strangers!! then i proposed the idea to mummy.
our conversation..
dee: mii... lets have our own pool, like peng gu.
mom: siao ah. u think our house banglo ah... u wana hang the swimming pool on the sky ah?
dee: no la... how to hang?? that means we will be wind swimming, not real swimming.. damn nice wei...
mom: i think u crazy already.
dee: mii... faster la... faster la. i wan swimming pool! i wan swimming pool.
mom: wait till i stright lottery
dee: can make one in the garden ma.. one straight line till somewhere near the wet kitchen.
mom: then no need to walk already lor. then we all fly hor?
dee: hai ya y u wana think so much? built edi only think la
mom: u think play game ah? * i think she meant the sims*
dee:*speechless* but... but...
mom: but ur pi ku la.. faster see signboard la


:: Nicole :: said...

haha.. no private pool? i'd have 1 soon!! coz i live in a condo mah :P~ but then i'd have a personal jacuzzi.. hehe..

deedee said...

so nice.. envy...