Wednesday, July 4, 2007


current mood: confused + lost...
listening to: samsons_ kenangan terindah

mng sale... hehe syoknya... but damn sad... mummy said i don't look nice in that dress.... so only bought a shirt... what people use to kill their loneliness?? i really cant take it anymore... i feel so lost and so empty without him in my life... although we are still together, but, i do get jealous... i am jealous... i cant help it.. i wonder how can i keep my mind off thinking of kelvin. I'm really in love with him. and yeah... i cant afford to loose him.. why? i don't know. maybe i do really trust him. although there is so many conflict between us, i do believe that our love for each other doesn't die just like that. i believe that he still loves me a lot. what is faith? i don't know in exact. but i do feel that we will still be together in the end. still thinking of him... and miss him a lot! and i do get jealous. when people say something about kelvin with that qi qi, i do get jealous... i am a super jealous person. although i don't show. seeing their picture really make me piss off! argh.. i finally understand what Simon told me 7 months ago. the worst way to miss someone is when that person is in front of you with another person. something like that la... cant remember in exact... and cant get kelvin. i think he is with her. i dont know. i am tired of guessing. and i'm fucking jealous!!!

the dress in mng... i really look weird??
waiting... kaka
mng fitting room!!
folded 99 birds with sayaka, and gay...
one whole box of birds...

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