Saturday, June 9, 2007

:: scorpios ::

my birthday is on the 6th of november. which means i m a scorpion.

scorpios are naturally

:: Determined and forceful
:: Emotional and intuitive
:: Powerful and passionate
:: Exciting and magnetic

on the dark side...
:: Jealous and resentful
:: Compulsive and obsessive
:: Secretive and obstinate

:: Truth
:: Hidden
:: Causes
:: Being involved
:: Work That is Meaningful
:: Being Persuasive


:: Being Given Only Surface data
:: Taken Advantage of
:: Demeaning Jobs
:: Shallow Relationships
:: Flattery and Flatterin

Scorpio Personality Profile
The sun sign Scorpio is one of the most powerful astrological signs in the zodiac. Dynamic and forceful, they make excelent leaders. One the list of famous Scorpio people on the left you will find several leaders. This is what they do best, lead. They are very determined and forceful, and do not accept failure as an option. It is not a good idea to get on Scorpio's bad side!

Only one thing hurt's scorpio, and that is their tendency to be emotional. However, being extremely intuitive, it helps them deal with this, and even gives them a physic edge in some situation. They live hard and love hard, and give their hearts fully and unconditionally. Woe be the one to break Scorpio's heart! There will be a price, the sting of this scorpion can be deadly!

Powerful, passionate, exciting and magnetic, these people also make some of the best sales and marketing gurus when they decide to enter this field. They also do well as stock brokers and finacial advisers because they are not afraid to question anything, and look outside the box and think creatively.

Scorpio does have a problem with jealousy sometimes, and they really do have to work on it. Most of them will require proof before actually accusing, but some will go with their instinct. Since they are so intuitive, sometimes they "know" without proof, so if you are with a Scorpio, stay true or get out, because your secret (if you have one) will not stay secret for long.

Here are some interesting Scorpio facts:

Ruling planet is Pluto
Maroon is the primary color
Birthstone is Opal or Yellow Topaz

Best Match For Scorpio Is Capricorn * bobo*
These two can not only understand one another extremely well, but can actually match sensitivities and emotions, almost (if not actually) on a psychic level. A very long lasting relationship, these two seldom ever break up.

Worst Match For Scorpio is

The somewhat possessive Scorpio will never go for the love them and leave them attitude that Aries sometimes seems to exhibit. It's not that Aries are immoral, it is just that they give this impression too often to get along for great periods with the Scorpio. Also, the "depth" of Scorpio is somewhat foreign to Aries.

SCORPIO goes with Taurus, Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn. (Best match is Capricorn)

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