Monday, July 23, 2007


came back from college... realize that its a pretty nice weather to sleep... plus. i m sick!! maybe is because of the swimming last night... under the rain. 5 crazy peeps actually jump into the swimming pool when it was raining. hehe

watched the taiwan show and doze off in front of the tv. till my mom called. then went up to sleep. when i woke up, i was super hungry... so i ordered Macdonald's delivery. when i came out from the room, saw ing ay shaking. she went laughing. our conversation.
ay: hahaha i've ordered domino's delivery!! hahaha i m so hungry
dee: hah?!
ay: wat? i ordered domino's
dee: haha i ordered mcd delivery! i m very hungry oso!
ay: hah?!
dee: hahaha

we laughed like a bloody idiot and was damn excited. haha. when the food came... gosh... too much food!! haha

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