Tuesday, July 24, 2007

college college and personal trainer!

got up at 8.30 in the morning and went like shit. i m late for class. then looked at the timetable... shoots. so early. should have got up later. reached college at about 9.45 and went wandering around looking for the classroom. was right in front of the classroom and lip khai said, i dont think there is a class. so i called mummy. then mummy went *&%$*#(#& ok la i'll turn back. then i ran up to the library to check the latest timetable. called mummy back. got class laa. again... she *&%(&%$()# then ok la i go back. then we waited outside A3-01-01 for mr CKK to come. he was so late and pasted a notice. interior behavioral studies B1-10-03. which means, switch classroom again. went to the classroom, and listen to the course outline. in less than half an hour, class dismiss. what the? haih... rotted at the library for almost 2 hours till the next class, building construction 1. oh yeah. i got the correct room. but that ms suja, she was so damn late. had a lecture less than an hour and class dismiss.. what a day! 7.30, personal training with Ian peterson Yeow. Don't know if i got his name correct. starting to get scared with him. "come on, you can run faster!" what? i just came out from rpm, i can hardly breath and u are asking me to run faster? *hand reaching to the increase speed button.* haha. no rpm for today!!! sob sobs... i am so addicted to rpm. don't know why. but the minute i sweat * in rpm only!!* it's like heaven! there goes my day....

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