Sunday, January 9, 2011


if.... blackberries and apples are fruit. If it is wasn't for him. If.. you have given me so much hope. If... it wasn't for ice kacang, puppy love. if... it is wasn't one utama. If it wasn't faith...

what will we be?

but i am glad with who we are now.

i was just sitting down by the bed thinking... why me? i definitely am not your perfect girlfriend. but, although you are not perfect, you make effort! it is one year and one week already. we are so many miles apart, where car cant bring us to unite. will it be the same after 10 years? can we stay on to our promises?

i am the type of person where i have a million things running in my mind. will you be able to catch what am i thinking? will you be there for me?

1 comment:

Jeremy ng said...

i love you, darling... i'll always be ur side to accompany u, ur back to support u, ur front to lead u. missin' u here. <3