Monday, October 19, 2009

what the.

i hate irresponsible people. thankyouverymuch.
and also some girls whom think that they've found their so called other half at that very young age. probably i was there before. i know that at this age, there is nothing so true. worst still less than 3 months.

yes, i know there will be alot of people flaming me after this statement. i dont mean that there is no the one now, just that, how long she knows him? how many times they met each other? does she even knows that he is not serious? i don't think so.

a so young girl, trusting a also so young boy. wtf. is plain bullshit.

worst still when i am seeing all this thing happen, but do not know what to do. shall i sit back and see her get hurt, or wait to see him hurt her?

i don't know. it is sick.

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