Saturday, October 3, 2009


what is going on actually.
blackberry, i am craving for you. was browsing around and looking for phones. and okay. i settled on blackberry 8510. although my love falls for the 8900. but then, tight budget. 8510 is only 888 from xpax. if i buy the 8900, i will be poor. no more starbucks, no more entertainment and most importantly, i wont have money to spend during the HK trip.

Anyways, talking about trips, i am going to HK on November and Japan on March/April. Well, at least a trip with mom before i leave the country for studies. and oh god, i dont have to travel alone for 28 hours. i have Loh shu wan. we meet almost everyday but who knows she wants to go to US? haha. but well, the conversation started of with :eh do you plan to go US? while we were so damn busy studying for our econs test.

Well, who knows what will happen right now, and my birthday is reaching. one month left to be 19. like what rodney said in his msn you wont be 17 forever. or something like that. well, who cares what will happen next, i've made my decission.

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