Thursday, March 12, 2009


does being busy makes you high? sometimes i do get addicted to being busy. rather than sitting and waiting to talk to someone or going somewhere. and when i see the outcome of my stress, i feel happy. a sort of high that can never be explained. though it may sound stupid. at least, i am happy. :)
i was sitting at starbucks the other day and was staring at blank air, thinking back of the good old times i spend with my friends, my family. it makes me wonder, why cant i achieve it now? i guess, family members are busy studying and friends are also busy with their life. and i suddenly recall that i am going to turn 20. that's 2 decades. oh well,looking at the bright side, I've lived 2 decades of my life and i am proud of it. though it is not so good as others, but i am learning. guess i will spend my next decade better? oh my. i sound so old. i really cant imagine after a decade, how many wrinkles i have. how is my life.

anyways, the pic taken in China. spot me if you can!

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