Thursday, February 26, 2009

a sense of disparity

being alone without friends and family suck big time. everyone is so busy with their personal life. and i have no idea what i am missing. i lost my aim. though it feels more relaxed. but at another point of view, i am being lazy.
i miss high school time, everything was so at ease. i see my friends all the time, i meet people i might feel tired. but not bored and couldn't get enough of it.
now, i feel lonely without friends, part of it might also be the weather. its cold. i cant feel any warmth.

maybe, i need someone. maybe i need to make more and more friends. maybe i should wake up and make use of myself.
looking through my phone book and i realised i dont have much true friends. as in friends that doesn't have any boundaries in between us. i like this kind of relationship because it is nice. we share our life. we take care of the other true friend.

probably, it's 2009, or probably i am starting to get old. but, i swear, no matter how old i am, i will never forget my true friends, and i wil never neglect them no matter what happened. as what i was from the beginning, look at the bright side, tomorrow will be a better day.

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The Mrs Blogs said...

You know it's easy to have many friends but most difficult to find true friends so always cherish the sincere ones :)