Friday, August 1, 2008

first of august.

i neglected my blog kao kao. because i am really very very busy. finals are coming soon. in another one and a half weeks. then i will be free.
besides that, i am also happy being busy. lol.
today, first of august, when i was having lunch, i received a call from blooming. asking me if i am at home, they want to send me the bouquet of flowers. and, obviously i was shocked. i love surprises. who don't like? and it kept me thinking who is it as the blooming person dont want to let me know who is the sender. i reached home and rushed to my room. see the card. with lots of love, baby. with a very touching message. i like.. very very mysterious. but i dont know its from who. it kept me thinking and thinking.

nvm... i am happy! this person, he knows my full name wei.. without any spelling mistake. salute! lol. to that mysterious person, thank you banyak banyak. i like mysterious stuff.

ok la... it took me away from my stress and put a smile on my face k? how can i not be happy?


JASON said...

so, who is that person?

deedee said...

i don't know ler...

JASON said...

actually is from ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

deedee said...

haha really?

JASON said...


pls do away wif the word verification