Monday, July 28, 2008

in this club.. in this club

so happy that everything ended. no more presentation or mid term. last test is tomorrow. accounts. then have to be a super nerd for the next two weeks to prepare for finals. and break for two weeks and start new semester on September. and study my ass of the 8 weeks and 2 months holiday! yay. exhausted.

today, wearing that crazy high heels roaming the world. finally my leg can catch up with life. peep toe is not fun at all. sigh. maybe its too tall or the front is too narrow. but i think the shoe is ok but not my nails. maybe its too long. i can't feel my feet anymore. sigh... psychology is coming to an end, today, we took a group picture with ms M. i'm gonna miss her. lol.. but not this subject. pics is not here. will update later again!

i dont know why. i felt like its deja vu. a sense of familiarity, when that occur, is it because i think too much or stress level is quite high now? its scary... same place, same time, same people, what is this?

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