Tuesday, June 3, 2008

test week.

test week starts tomorrow. with MIS tomorrow, then accounting and economics on Friday. it doesn't make my life easier. and talking bout MIS. being a not so computer literate person, i couldn't help myself from reading that boring MIS. and RAM, ROMS, processor, motherboard in my head, it sucks.
back to the informal me, since its midnight. have you ever think of how your proposal will be? sigh... some wants it at a park, some wants it in the middle of the crowds. i want it in a funny manner. i dream of my future proposal several times, but no face wan. but personally, i day dream a lot. and once i dreamt bout my proposal. its romantic, and also private and confidential. second one, not so romantic though, some will say its dangerous. that is, both of us that know how to dive, he bring me to dive in somewhere and in the deep sea, he propose to me. though he cant talk much, just slipping the ring into my finger and I'll say i do.. wtf.. how romantic... and then when we go up to the boat, we will wait for sunrise till the next morning. no doubt, i love a romantic guy... like MR chun beng, who gives me the inspiration. =)
like that! oh ya, i stole the photo elsewhere. a picture paints a thousand words. =p

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