Monday, June 2, 2008


i am not much a beer drinker. and the last time i remembered drinking was tiger. seriously, i cant really differentiate calsberg and tiger. but there was this day when i was in singapore, i tried paulaner brauhaus. since then, i fell in love with it. and i remembered planning a trip to singapore again with yee mei after my spm exam just to taste that drink from heaven.and count down in every book she have. but my trip failed. wait till my semester break. i'll go down to singapore just to taste that drink from heaven again.. wtf...

i cant take most beer, as i dont like its bitter taste. at first i was scare to sip that beer that they over-ordered. but then, i tried one sip. after that, i was busy finishing that 1 litter of beer for mum... wtf.. i love the ambiance, the beer, the cup!!

someone, import some to my house!!

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