Friday, June 6, 2008


test is half way over. two more papers left. and i am hating the feeling. suppose to head to body jam in like 5 minutes but mom is not back and i am too lazy to drive. its grandmother's birthday tomorrow and the whole family will be there. its quite sad as the connection there really suck. but hey, its better than nothing.
and, when dad passed me the O2, i didnt even bother to take picture. and when i took pictures, i was figuring out how to send it.. haha wtf. and i still dont know how to send things through bluetooth so i sent it to my email. and this is how it looks like. my first photo. my opinion on the phone's camera is, the flash can be a light wei. damn geng!

so, i am leaving... haih.. gonna take more pictures! wee...

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