Friday, June 13, 2008


seriously, i am tempted to get my diving license. probably my mom will be laughing when she sees this. remembered once when i was snorkeling in redang, i jumped out the minute i see all those fishes almost touching me. maybe i watched too much cartoon or what. i actually thought they were attacking me or i was afraid that i kill them. but anyways, i made up my mind.. i want to go for diving course. been talking to dad about diving and he seem interested in answering my question. maybe i should pay a visit to the shop.. =) hopefully, my dream come true..

anyways, i watched kung fu panda! darn nice. the secret of your mee is nothing? wtf..


JASON said...

cant swim can dive ah

deedee said...

who say i cannot swim!

JASON said...

i m talking abt me