Sunday, May 11, 2008

what the heck?!

i know la... yesterday is tiesto.. no need to remind me wan ler... i got calls till this morning while i am in church... yes, praying... out of ten callers, five ask me to go meet them, another five asked me to have breakfast/ supper with them. and i get the same answer from all of them! what la u.. how can u not come, its tiesto! and its in PD. you know or not wan? furious la... but, there is a person, ken... who understand... hmmph!
ken: where u? why so quiet? toilet/?
me: no. i am home. online. i cannot hear u!
ken: *walk to not so noisy place* why are u not seeing tiesto? he is hot!
me: cause i have no tickets, its mothers day tomorrow, not much people are going..
ken: how sad... should have told me ma... i have extra VIP tickets. nvm la.. i'll take pics and post it up. then u can see him everyday!!
me: how nice of you! wow... thank you lor..
ken: tiesto is already out. one thing is he is very very HOT..
me: shut up..

how can??! argh....


Samantha said...

ur features remind me of a friend's sister deedee! :)

deedee said...

really?! hehe.

:: Nicole :: said...

yeah.. don't rub it in.. i missed tiesto for like the 3rd time?? =.= argh!!!

deedee said...

grr... and people keep reminding me bout the event..