Sunday, May 11, 2008


firstly, happy mothers day to all the mothers. because mom took her early present, i didn't have much celebration.. the only thing different is i cooked dinner. i just went inside my brain. i did not use any recipe book for this and hopefully it will be a nice dinner. pan fried dory with spices and baked cheese cauliflower. also, i made her cupcakes! although it kinda failed at first.. after adding the lemon cheese topping, the whole cupcake became a success! its also my own recipe. i did not follow any recipe book.

lemon cheese cupcake.

topping- 1 danish cream cheese. 3 spoons of icing sugar. 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. mixed together in mixer.
cupcakes- 200g butter, 150g sugar, 200g multi purpose flour, 3 eggs, 1 packet of almonds and 1 packet of hazelnut.
mix butter and sugar till fluffy with mixer, add eggs one by one by using mixer but don't beat it to long. fold in the flour with spoon. toast the nut and add all the nuts in. baked it in the oven! 150 degree celcius for about 5 minute. use a chopstick to poke in it. if its not sticky, its cooked.

then, swipe the topping on the cupcake. it doesn't need to be too neat. then, you will get lemon cheese cupcake.

pan fried dory with spices

add salt and pepper to dory, then add mixed spice on it. beat an egg and put the dory inside. heat a small amount of butter on the pan and fry the dory,without the egg. add lemon to both side of the fish and its done. lemon is used to cover the fishy smell and add flavor to the fish. also, squeeze some lemon before eating.

baked cheese cauliflower
after boiling the cauliflower, drain the water and put in on a plate. grate mozzarella cheese to the cauliflower and add some salt. mix some rosemary into cauliflower. microwave the cauliflower for 30 seconds and its ready to serve.

today's dinner:
dory fish, RM9
cauliflower, RM 4.80
mozzarella cheese, RM 16 pack into 5; RM 3.20 each.
all in all, RM 17 for 3 pax!

flour, RM 11
icing sugar, RM 2
butter, RM 3.50
eggs, RM 1.2
lemon, RM 1.30
almond and hazelnut, RM 10
danish cream cheese, RM 12.80
cupcakes= RM 41.80 for about 35 cupcakes.

Just finished dinner and mom said that dinner was satisfying... her ratings, 8.5/10. because i used convention for the cupcakes. and made it too dry.

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