Friday, May 16, 2008

its Friday again. i hate Fridays but also love it because Friday is dance day.. because i can't do anything else but wait in starbucks, i chose to blog. =p because there will be a massive traffic jam in subang every morning, i hate having early morning class.. life is just meaningless getting stuck in the traffic jam or worst still, trying to avoid traffic jam. also. i hate the way people drive nowadays... why once you see a slow car or a car that is quite irritating, you blame it on the women. its pure unfair. how can you just put the blame on us women? some women do have driving skills ok! looking at the people in s15, 85% of it are students. ss15 has become a student territory. shit... my contact lens is getting out of my eye. i cant help rubbing my eye. but it doesn't make any difference. another half an hour till my class starts... i can't help, i am too bored... i hate fridays...

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