Thursday, May 15, 2008

dissatisfied consumer

went to the clinic last night cause i cannot stand my running nose anymore. and i have running nose, sore throat and slight fever. but sinus??! both my parents don't have that. and i was given antibiotics, running nose medicine, something to gargle with and sore throat medicine. that cost me RM80. to waste their paper. i asked for an mc. but obviously i went to college la. but then, its so expensive la... sigh..

woke up this morning and look at the mirror, scare me to death, i look like a reindeer. with red nose of course!

its been a year since i last felt this feeling... its warm and nice... though its suffering, but it made my day! i am starting to miss someone.. =p though i cant taste anything now due to the malfunction of my tongue.

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