Friday, April 25, 2008

sunway lagoon... again

maybe the year 2008 is sunway lagoon year or what. today i went sunway lagoon again. not to say that it's very nice. first time somewhere near march, uncle peng and family, second time, mid of march, sayaka and taemi. and today, ing ay and yeong yau. mom woke ing ay up by coming in and out the room and i wanted to go back to sleep.. but, she keep pressing my cute cute bear. and asking bout rock climbing, sunway lagoon, manicure... non stop radio transmission for about 15 minutes. and when yeong yau persuade yau to go out. and decided to go sunway lagoon. got dressed up, eat maggi mee and flew to sunway lagoon.

no sunblock, no hat, i am tanned already! sunway lagoon is so dirty. i feel more and more disgusted going there. feeling tired and heavy already. and and, we are so er... brave! roller coaster! yucks.

we sat that.

pirate revenge- they sat this.. not me..

i can consider myself quite brave already! i sat the lost city thing. if i sat the pirate revenge or the 360 i will die. all my internal organs will spit out from every openings in my body! haha

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