Monday, April 21, 2008

forbidden kingdom

forbidden kingdom... what a show! its 2.58am now and i am posting this entry... just finished forbidden kingdom in 1u. rushed there within 10 minutes just to see forbidden kingdom. jacky chan is funny... and the sparrow lady is pretty! the white haired lady is mean... and white..

the moral i learnt from this movie, dont touch people's weapon! lmao.. i know.. but lamer people says, learn more kung fu! other than that, i have no comment bout this movie!
but seriously, i dont understand, why does chinese in that era speaks english? and that boy, learn kungfu in less than a month? why the monkey king became a rock? and who is that man who wears a green eyeshadow? where did that sensitivity monk went? grr... someone is gonna kill me... hahaha

great companion, movie-that-i-can-barely-understand = forbidden kingdom!


shane said...

i knew you're gonna comment bout the show. u ah.. really nothing better to think

deedee said...