Thursday, April 17, 2008

late update

the horrifying exam week is here and its ending... i cant believe it. time pass so fast. obviously, this time, i studied very hard and hoping to get a impressive results for my parents. so i guess business suits me better. =p had accounting test today and... its not that hard as I've imagined. seeing the past semester exam paper really scare the hell out of me and pushed me to the study room doing last minute revision. then i went to mom's shop to er.. disturb! had a half day spa there. to de-stress.. and the outcome was nice.. at least i like it. will head to her shop to do facial tomorrow! anyways, the picture is what i've done the whole week.

today, wednesday
disturb-ing mom while she is working...
the superb hydro bath

the sweet couple.. hopefully they get married soon!
the super cute baby
the family!

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