Thursday, April 17, 2008

the best kiss you ever had

what is the best kiss you ever had? i saw this thread in Malaysian babes forum.

question 1:Your favorite place to receive a kiss other than on your lips is on the?

a) forehead
b) toes
c) neck
d) hand
e) cheek

question 2:
You especially like to kiss
a) under the stars
b) in gorgeously soft lighting
c) while pushed up against the wall
when it has to be sneaked
e) once it's been earned

question 3:
The best kiss you ever had
was accompanied by giggles
b) made my knees weak
c) was definitely R-rated
d) was straight out of a classic film
e) was short and sweet

guess what were my answers... =p

the poll results in Malaysian babes forum.. click on the picture for a larger view!

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