Wednesday, January 30, 2008

what the heck

January the 29th. the day that all the assignments is all given to me. compared to archi-torture, this is way relaxing. but to me, maybe the mood is not here yet... =p i cant get into the question and i cant think well enough to answer the question.. but when Mr. Rezy, my management lecturer gave us the question, i quickly got my idea and all the answers to SWOT. but unfortunately, i did not jot it down. resulting me to think all over again... one more week to chinese new year.. and i lost my mood for chinese new year compared to last week, when i was so semangat about cny. i love assignment but in the other hand, i hate it also.

i think i might be some imagining perfectionist. i can be as precise as possible while thinking and know i can get at least near-to-full-mark for assignment. but when it comes to reality, being a perfectionist is a NO to me. cause i am lazy and i cant stand sitting down doing a pile of assignments. by the next time i continue, i will forget everything again..

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