Monday, January 28, 2008

craving for donuts

yes... i am craving for donuts... wtf on a monday... shit man... i want donuts... DONUTS.... anyway.. not other flavor than their original glazed.. omg.. one of this days i am going to line up and get the god damn bloody donuts! cause i am craving for donuts.. donuts donuts i love u... maybe i should find a guy that can read my mind... so when i am craving for donuts.. he will *ding dong* donuts delivery..

maybe i should just shut up and go out and get some nameless donuts.. and go jco on wednesday!

iwantdonuts iwantdonuts iwantdonuts iwantdonuts iwantdonuts


Jason TAN said...

try crepe, u wont regret


or john king egg tart

deedee said...

i also want la... u delevery for me ya??!

Jason TAN said...