Thursday, January 24, 2008


tokidoki, from lesportsac. design by Simon Legno. i have always admired that bag since they launched. remember the first time i saw it was in takashimaya, singapore. i love everything bout the bag... except the price tag. for a bag like this, it is not worth for RM760. so i gave up hope. yesterday, roughly two years or three years since i last want it, my uncle bought it for me. obviously, i cant accept so expansive gift. i just tagged along shopping yesterday.. and i didn't expect any pressie. i basically was shocked. and so... today is my first day taking the tokidoki. i cant stop my eyes from the tokidoki. sigh... but one thing... i am still feeling guilty... =(


Anonymous said...

why are you still feeling guilty since you already accepted the gift? how i wish i am your uncle's niece or daughter. haha whatever. chill la.

deedee said...

quite... er... tak sampai hati use it yet.. =p