Friday, January 25, 2008

to early for valentine's

in japan, women give chocolate to express their love to the men. according to about.com,

Chocolate given to men whom women don't feel special love are called "giri (obligation)-choco (chocolate)." Chocolate given to co-workers and bosses are usually considered as giri-choco. Many men feel embarrassed if they don't receive any chocolate on Valentine's Day.

Women tend to give special gifts, such as neckties and clothes with chocolate to those men whom they love. Chocolate given to a special man from a woman is called "honmei (prospective winner)-choco." in the other hand, on march 14, mens who received gifts from the womens have the chance to give them gift which is called "sanbai-gaeshi" which means triple return. march the 14th, is also known as white day.

valentine's day generally is a day which lovers express their love for each other. which is also a day which love birds gather together in the most romantic restaurant in town. besides that, it is also a day for good business day for florist and restaurants.

hopefully this year, my valentine's day will be better! =) and hope every lovers in the world get to be together.. =)

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