Friday, January 18, 2008

single life...

its been 7 months, 7 months since i last been in a relationship. since i last felt loved. at first, i thought it was fine. i thought i can be without a guy. i thought that i can try to be single. and yes, i prove myself right. i am single for 7 months. since i've dated, i never been single for so long. and i survived. =) but today, i've started feeling a bit sad and lonely. i want to have a boyfriend but i'm too scared of being hurt again. i am over it, although there was ups and downs in my last relationship, i still appreciates it. my apologies to kelvin, if you are reading or so, sorry for the harsh words i said on you and although we cant be together, we are still friends... i hope.. =)

and back to the topic... after reading pink pau's post on anger antidotes and surprises, i felt the urge for being loved. because they both are so sweet... i am craving to be in a relationship.. *to pink pau and martian, you both are very very really sweet. =)