Saturday, November 24, 2007

starwood privileges?

its coming to an end to the starwood privileges. i think i should book a hotel and be a "tai tai" for a day... how wonderful... =) enjoying the view of the hotel in a bathtub with pampering soft music. wa lau... irresistible.. how nice... my aim is either westin or le meridien. which one? no idea... getting older and older day by day.. yet want to enjoy more and more.. i think i need to work hard for a five figure income to maintain my lifestyle. even if i earn a 2k when i graduate, it wont be enough for me.. =( after deducting some money for mom, i will only have around 1400. how to survive... and since i've plan to save money from next january, another 500 will be saved in bank. i will only have 900. i only can use 30 bucks in a day.. wth?! because of that, i need to save more money to set up my own business.. of course not by myself. but with only the 2k, it's really not enough to maintain my lifestyle. oh dear... am i getting old.. i think i am.. but i still need to face reality... dont i? what can i so to be successful.. to earn money.. sad to say but i think i am afraid of getting a credit card.. if i do get a credit card, i think it cant appear in my purse.. =)

ok.. why am i thinking so far.. i want to sleep so badly and plan my tai tai day... =) but of course persuade mom to join me.. =)


:: Nicole :: said...

KL Hilton is THE best for me! the swimming pool is the best getaway.. u won't realize that u ARE in the middle of a busy city! but of course KL Hilton and Le Meridien is connected :P

deedee said...

mayb i will go to westin. =) but must see if i have time also..

chewy said...

westin has the heavenly bed - me like its heavenly :)

deedee said...

ya ya... few of my friends say its nice... hope to check it out.. =)