Thursday, November 22, 2007

an incident to remember.

it was 4 in the afternoon when me and sayaka walked to petronas to get butter to bake cookies. on the way back, there was this two malay guy looked at us. so i thought, nothing is going to happen... right in front my house, this two malays u turned back and stopped. point a knife at me and asked me to give him my bag. i was totally shocked. god damn it. i wont want to let go. and i threw the bag in my house compound. but sadly my purse and sayaka's phone dropped out. he wanted to cut me with his knife. but i avoided it and fell on to the road. that is what happened. and 20th of november is the first time i got robbed. =( now. my leg hurts like hell. and its been bleeding since yest. went to the doctor today and got a tetanus injection and dressing that cost mom a 68 bucks. i hate robbers... i hate this feeling of being broke... i hate being bloody.. to all my readers... especially around subang area. watch out for this number wdg 6192. let me kow if u see them also.. =)

my right leg.. which is worst today..
and my left leg.. also became worst..


:: Nicole :: said...

omg! so the fucking robbers managed to take your wallet and the mobile phone as well? grrrrrrr...

i too got robbed before.. 2 guys on a motorbike snatched my handbag from behind..

remember to be careful n cautious now.. ppl are desperate for $$$

deedee said...

yups.. but thank god my wallet only got 140.. hehe.