Wednesday, November 14, 2007

slow and steady...

I've never believed in slow and steady. Maybe I felt that opportunity comes and goes. Or maybe I’m getting old? I find life is most enjoyable when listening to soft jazz music... relaxing on a soft soft couch... Oh... isn't that relaxing? I just bought two new jazz cds. As long as time goes by and pink champagne. The sound of those soft relaxing music made me darn happy. And release my stress without me noticing... gosh... I’m so in love with jazz... I’ve always wanted to go somewhere alone for a day, taking random photographs of people tuning in to that jazzy music in my ipod... Having a cup of wonderfully blend coffee in a romantic cafe… Looking through the photos and most importantly, set back from the world for a day. Hopefully this wish will come true before the year ends... I’m so looking forward to it.

Just now, in the steam room, I thought what kind of guy turn me on. I don’t think I have high expectations... heehee. Built up body, caring, slightly tanned, a person that have a smile on his face always... I guess that's all. Not too bad right?

I’m missing someone badly... = (

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