Thursday, November 8, 2007


if you are wondering how i celebrated my birthday.. oh well. it didnt passed like a birthday, is just like some ordinary tuesday. woke up around 11 and send ah yau to taman emas to get his car and supposingly went for a facial at moms shop just because i felt older. and had lunch with Ian. well, having lunch with your personal trainer is the most tension thing to do. luckily i dont feel like eating that yesterday. hoho. then dressed up and had dinner with family. later at night went to q bar with sayaka, gay, yau, ah yen, yew ken, yi hui and sim! sim surprised me with a bouquet of flowers and when i was dancing?! haha. yew ken said " i didnt get you a cake, so i got you a lambo" and yes.. i am addicted. didnt drink for a long time. no one wants to share. so finished it all by myself. =) and later on when sim arrived, we ordered another one. but he shared with me. overall, we drank one and a quarter bottle of dewas and i vomitted like crazy after that. no i m not drunk. its just that i am too dizzy. thank you sim for taking care of me and buying me drinks.. thank you so much..

before.. all dressed up

sayaka took three photos of me vomitting it was darn ugly.. oh god.. and i think i have phobia to liquers now.. =)

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