Thursday, October 25, 2007

workload pouring in

problem uploading photo's again. sigh.. omg. two more weeks in year one. in this two weeks, it means, total stress. can die already. my god. birthday is coming up, but in another hand, workload is also increasing. *shit*
workload for the next few weeks....

thurs, 1st nov
-building construction model and portfolio
-design theory essay -5000 words-

friday, 9th nov
-technical english 2 research paper final version

monday, 12th nov
-interior behavioral studies journal

building construction model keep breaking and breaking. so not fun.. portfolio, not started yet. sigh.. design theory, havent even start. te2 research paper, only done 1 534 words.. left 400 plus for minimal requirement to pass up. ibs journal, haha. only done a few sketches. suppose to fit 20 photos in it. die die die die die

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