Friday, October 26, 2007

maison : 25th october

went to maison with sayaka yesterday, 25th of october sha's birthday. ah yen said he will be joining us, drove his merz clk here and sent us to maison. when he see the crowd, he change his mind. what the? hehe. i guess he needs to go home to accompany his wife? hehe. then borrowed tracy's ic to enter as i m not 18 yet.. how sad ryte.. hehe. but surprisingly, they didnt ask about anything. buahaha. drink drank but not drunk.. i guess. was too lazy to dance as the place was quite crowded. then met this guy, jack... wa lau... 34 years old ler... i mean i dont really mind how old he is, but... he said i m 24? what the? which part of me look 24... i think i so need a facial.. i m getting old!!!

before maison. at home
with sayaka... still at home...
i know... i look retarded
with yeong yau. he say my flash too geng.. wth? haha
with sayaka. failed.. on the way there. klcc.. nice ncie
this is him... jack.. buahaha speechless
sayaka.. imitating the octopus, in mini toons today!

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