Sunday, October 28, 2007


after church. went to kinpachi for dinner. after i ate rakuzen and zen sushi, i thought that satisfy me the most... is been quite some time since i stepped in kimpachi.. =) since daddy is paying... so.. ha ha. flipped through the menu.. find the price ok.. can compare with rakuzen la.. cheaper some more. i've ordered a unagi kabayaki and saba shioyaki set, which is the grilled eel and Spanish mackerel. with costs about RM28..ok ryte? mom ordered salmon sashimi and tempura set. which cost RM32, and dad ordered grilled chicken, which cost RM19. besides that, yasai gyoza, forgot the price, california temaki,RM 6 and soft shell crab karaage. the bill came to RM123.05 reasonable for a three person meal i guess. with so much side dish? overall, i am very satisfy with my dinner which kept me happy till now.. =)

i would strongly recommend dining in here now... i think i am going to dine here on my birthday.. =)

the sign when going up the stairs
our table
daddy driving
a rack of sake??! tempting...
the chopstick arrangement..

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