Tuesday, October 30, 2007

birthday gifts?

yes, i do get happy when i see them.. but i am happier to know who gave me. one week in exact will be the day.. because i'm leaving for pd this weekend, mom will not shop with me. so she bought me a early birthday gift. how to be not happy? buahaha lazy to take picture for the watch.. so found it on the net. and daddy gave me 300 for shopping. i bought new mary-jane crocs. no doubt, i am a big fan of crocs already. and i brought back the catalogue. making my hand itchy itchy... thinking of getting another one. i know i am crazy.. =) besides that, mummy gave me her tous bracelet. i m loving it. its a onyx bracelet. with the trademark bear. yummy aint it? hehe

this is the one i got.
this was the first marc ecko watch i saw in singapore. *and yes, it took my breath away* it looks way better in real life
this is the first i find it nice shop just now
this is the exact colour i bought. of course with two studs.

*mr sim*
i am not that scary la... yes i am a scorpion and born in the year of snake, both poisonous animal, but i am tame. i dont bite. i think i told you before. i do understand that sometimes, things wont work. afterall, i think naive is getting off my dictionary already. =) i am always the deedee you knew. and we will always be best-est friends... *after sayaka* buahaha. muaks

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:: Nicole :: said...

wow! tous bracelet.. got pic of it?
i recently bought a marc ecko watch too.. i mean russ bought it for me :P