Thursday, October 21, 2010


life has been treating me nice in the states. however, life in midland is just crazily boring. you cant even imagine that you are in the states. it is a great retirement place though... life changes since we stepped down chicago. the cars, the people, the city, there is not a single word that i could use to describe the beauty of it.

we went to the 94th floor to see the city. that was just awesome. treated like a vip using the city pass. i strongly encourage using city pass. it was the best thing invented. despite the savings, you are treated like a vip... cut lines despite the long queues!!!

although i miss malaysia much, i am glad that i came this far to the world to experience independent! life here is opposite from malaysia. everything must be done on myself. no such thing as "that is what my parents want me to do" it is really a life changing experience to me.

english wise, it is improving... started talking to different kinds of people and meeting with different kinds of people. i am glad. at least, we have china friends! lol.

some pictures of chicago. others are on facebook!

john hancock tower
navy pier fireworks
sea lion
silver bean
chicago river

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