Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Survivng LDR MONTH 1

gosh i miss him. but we are so many kms apart. it is hard the first few days, but hell, after knowing that i will be back in MAY, i was so happy i can die.

frankly speaking, are we made for each other, i think so. in this relationship of ours, he always make me laugh. whenever i am sad, or happy, the first person i want to share with is him. and he never fails to give me the support i need. exams, quizes, HOMESICK. well, he actually told me to stay back and graduate with flying colors when i first touch down chicago...

so how to survive? it has been a month since i live here alone. every thing should be done independently. no one or family are here to support me. the greatest support i get is from my family and him. well, the one thing i like about him is he takes care of my mother. mummy being alone without me is horrible. well, at least he took care of her!

Skype has never been so useful! we skype almost everyday. sometimes, we dont talk much, just a few minutes will do. the only thing that i think is missing from our lives is bbm. we bbm almost every minute back in malaysia. but in US, due to the AT&T policy, i cant have a data plan, thus, no bbm. but then, although is hard, i am very confident that it will last!

countdown: 7 months! i've even added a countdown timer! another 241 days back to Malaysia! yay!

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