Friday, November 20, 2009

I love you


its already 5 days since i came back from Hong kong. I've never miss a place like this before. i miss the crowd. the not-so-friendly-people. the SHOPPING.

because i went to HK for work purpose, i didnt get to go around HK. at first, it was said to be 1 day work only. but turned out 2/3 days work.

however, we still managed to shop. harbour city mall. shenzhen only. went to yong kei for goose. that meal cost HKD 1800. wtf.

I never doubt my thoughts of Hongkong as a shopping paradise already. and its cheap. Ralph Lauren for RM203 only? no no its not imitation. i got it in harbour city mall. airport is slightly exp as they do not have 30%. its HKD590.

what i bought in HK/shenzhen/plane:
-5 scarfs.
-2 RL polo
-make up bag
-tonnes of accesories
-I<3 HK top
-starbucks barista bear
-starbucks tumbler
-thomas sabo charm
-ckin2u for her
-3 boxes of fake nails
-2 sunglasses

not alot right. :p
at least... my bag is still underweight. :)

will post up HK pics tonight@fb. and maybe blog about it soon.

i am planning another trip to HK soon. i hope the mother will approve. :p


Anonymous said...

boo :P hehe

The Mrs Blogs said...

Hey girl, long time! WOw you went to HK? I bet the shopping was good, plan to go there some time soon. I was in China but guess the shopping can't beat HK!

deedee said...

cas: yea. but it is a working trip. didn't get to shop much! yea. china shopping really cannot beat HK. but shenzhen can.. but can take a 45 minutes train to shenzhen from HK.