Thursday, September 10, 2009

I ♥ manicures

who dont like the feeling of being pampered?
who dont like the feeling of looking at someone do your nail? while you look like those rich tai tai gossiping with your friends. choosing which color suits your skintone and matches your well kept nails.

well, deep deep deep inside me, i totally ♥ manicures! it makes my fingers pretty and for those whom bite their nails, better news! it will stop you from biting nails.

when i come out of the shop, i will feel well pampered. next time, i will get zebra nails. cant find the exact image but, i remember doing it 2 years ago on my birthday! imma get it for my bday this year!

college started and test is next week. off to study! :) PEACE OUT PEOPLE

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